Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mancat Monday: Nip Nana Fest

Kenji-blogHellooo! It's Kenji! Thank you to all our furriends who suggested L-Lysine for our colds… Mummy is going to look for it! She is still learning to be an experienced Cat Mummy I guess…

I love my Nip Nana! I always feel sooo great when I play with it!




Kenji: Oooh Yuji, wanna plaaayy?


Yuji: Kenji, you're being strange. I don't want to play with you right now.


Kenji: Ok, never mind! You can watch me play by myself!





Mmmmm Nip Nana is wonderful!!!

Have a happy Monday!



Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday: There's nothing better than Ham-micks!

keiko-blogKenji-blogpri-blogyuji-blogHappy Thanksgiving to all our furriends over the sea!

Thank you for your purrs about Pricilla's sneezing. Mummy thinks it's a cold because now Yuji and Kenji are also sneezing! And Pricilla is much better. She's due for her annual vaccination so Mummy thinks she can get it now. She didn't want to push her to get them while she was feeling unwell! purrr

We are so thankful that Mummy got us the Ham-micks. We just LOVE them SO much!!! Pricilla hasn't discovered them yet, but she has always been a hogger of Mummy and Daddy's bed! mawhawhaw!

We just like to lay on different ones, depending on our moods! We don't mind SHARING! purrrr…






We don't know why Yuji has a mohawk even when he's sleeping, He's a bit strange!!

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday!



Who's there? Wednesday

I am in the tunnel.








Scroll down…








It's me, Kenji!




Sunday, November 21, 2010

Pricilla takes it easy

pri-blog It's me, Pricilla! Thank you all for coming over on my Gotcha Day and chatting with me. I loved catching up with all my furriends!

Mummy says I've caught a cold – I've been sneezing so much and I've had to sleep a lot to get over it!

It's Sunday… so I just have to relax on my cool cushion!

DSC01253n DSC01255n DSC01256n

Argh! I can't stop sneezing! I think I have to go and curl up in Mummy and Daddy's bed now!

Hope none of my furriends caught the cold with me when you came over for my gotcha tea party!




Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fly free dear Inigo…

keiko-blogKenji-blogpri-blogyuji-blog We are distraught to hear that our dearest furriend Inigo from Rumblebum in NZ has run off to the Rainbow Bridge. He was such a sweet, beautiful boy of only four years, a wonderful loving brother to our furriend Rumbles. We had been hoping that his heart condition would stabilise and that he would have more wonderful years with his family, but he had developed new complications and had to be helped to the Bridge today.

We have been purring really hard that Inigo will reach a nice spot at the Bridge and meet all our furriends who have gone before. The mood here is very sombre… Mummy has been crying, Cat Daddy has been sad.

run free inigo

Pricilla will always remember when Inigo picked her for Foxy Friday.



We will miss you so much, Inigo. Run free, sweet handsome boy.


Please purr for Inigo and his sweet brother Rumbles, and their Rumblemum and Rumbledad.

Sombre purrs,


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pricilla's Gotcha Day!

pri-blog Hiii! Today is my First Gotcha Day!! I am thirteen years old and celebrating my first gotcha day with my forever Mummy and Daddy. I think I had a pretty good life for my first twelve years, but they turned out not to be my forever family… so here I am!

I'm not going to have a big party today, but how about a nip-tea, chicken scones and a happy chat? I just thought I would keep it low key as all my siblings only have one day to celebrate their gotcha birthdays and I'm the only one who knows my birthday.

Here's a bit of my history since arriving at my forever home.

This is the picture of me posted on the RSPCA website:


Here is how I've changed over the last 12 months:

November 2009: First day


December 2009: I've been shaved!


January 2010: Learning to chillax


Early March (there were none in Feb!) 2010: Sweet face


March 2010: Furs fluffy again


April 2010: Out and about


May 2010: Always love my toys


June 2010: Winter coat growing


July 2010: I'm a settled lady


August 2010: I'm a posing lady


September 2010: We've arrived in Malaysia!


October 2010: Smiley on my birthday


Mummy says I used to be quite anxious and grumpy with my tail twitching allllll the time, even when laying down – but that's because I had to go to a shelter for 2 months after having a family for 12 years! Mummy says she thinks of me as her princess and she tells me now I'm a sweet kitty with loads of tortitude.

This is my gotcha story (excerpt from Mummy's blog post earlier this year):

Mummy: I make it a habit to look up the RSPCA site (almost) every day, and one day in November ‘09, I saw this pretty little thing who was 12 years old, named Pricilla. My husband (Cat Daddy) was away at the time, and I just could not resist ringing the RSPCA to ask about her, whether she would be ok with our 2-3 yr old Keiko & Kenji, was our place big enough, etc.

I wondered why this beautiful kitty had been given up at such an advanced age, and I really felt that this 12 year old precious girl deserved a nice home. I definitely didn’t want to think about what would happen if we didn’t adopt her, or if nobody adopted her…

So before I even asked my husband, I made an appointment with the RSPCA officer to meet Pricilla on the day my husband would be back, 4 days later. I prayed and prayed that she would be there, but if not, I hoped she would go to a nice home.


But I was there on that fateful day!!! purrrr

And you know the other thing?

Some of you spell my name with an 's' – P – R – I – S – C – I – L – L – A - and you would, in fact, be correct. That was the name given to me by my first family.

Mummy accidentally dropped the 's' from Day One so it's stuck at P – R – I – C – I – L – L - A. I think it's changed my luck a bit you know – for the better!



We have an open house today, drop in and help yourself to some nip-tea and chicken scones and sit down with me for a chat!




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