Monday, November 8, 2010

Mancat Monday: More wrasslin!

Kenji-blogyuji-blogHappy Mancat Monday! We hope every kitty has had a good weekend. Mummy and we are sorry we haven't been to visit many of you lately… she has been quite down and hasn't had much energy to go on the computer. She hopes that you'll understand, she has been ROMming (read only) but doesn't get to comment… We love you muchly and hope you'll forgive us! purrrr

Here are some new pics of our kung-fu wrasslin moves!

DSC01165n DSC01166n DSC01167n DSC01168n DSC01169n DSC01170n DSC01172n DSC01173n 

keiko (talking)-iconBoys! Although I'm glad they're getting their energy out!

DSC01176n DSC01178n DSC01179n DSC01180n 

Yuji: Thank you, Sensei…


Thanks for dropping by! We love it when you visit and we really appreciate it, especially Mummy.

Purrs from us,



  1. You two are so funny wrassling like that! It's hard to see who is who!

  2. Keiko, you pretty smart ! Just watch and enjoy the show!

  3. We love wrasslin' matches! Who won? :-D

    We're sorry your mum's feeling down. Our mom understands! Lots of purrs to her. Ask her if she's taking Omega-3 or if she's eating quite a bit of fish. If not, our mom does suggest an Omega-3 supplement. Here in Canada, we also don't get enough vitamin D, so our mom takes that too. Both Omega-3 and vitamin D are *really* important for mental health.


  4. We hope yoor momma feels better soon. we love the rasslin' pics today!

  5. My mum sends her best wishes for your mum. I am impressed with your moves!

  6. Hi furiends!
    Great rasslin' moves!!

    We don't get to visit much either. Mom has dedicated one day a week to visiting and commenting. We miss visiting with our friends every day.

  7. Wow the game looks great there!
    Bravo! :)
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  8. Those are some cool moves. It looks like Yuji got a little mohawk!

    I hope your mom is feeling better soon.

  9. You two boys always make us smile!

    We are sending purrs that your Mum feels better soon~

  10. We're sorry to hear that your mum is feeling a bit low. Our mum understands. Please give her some big smooches from us.

    Your wrestling moves are awesome!

  11. Look at the ridge of fur down your back! Oh MY!

    Me and mom hope your mom starts feeling better right away!

  12. Mom Roms all the time. She's worn out too and says she understands. I say let's get new help.

    Nice moves.

  13. Those are pawsome wressling moves. Could you teach us some?

  14. Boys will be boys!

    Your pal, Pip

  15. What marvelous pix of Kenji and Yuji...we loved them!!!!!!!!!

    We are purraying that your mama will soon be feeling much better.

    We love y'all bunches.

  16. Great rasslin' pictures!!! We hope your mum feels better soon :-)

  17. Bat! Bat! BAT! Looks like you boys are having lots of fun!
    Hope Mummy feels better soon. :)

  18. Yuji, we love your back furz ridge! You boys rassel with the best of 'em.

    We hope your Mom feels better. Our Daddy had a depressive episode when we moved across country, maybe your Mom could see a Dr. and get something to help? It helped our Daddy a lot.

  19. Mum knows just what your mum feels and dsays dont worry and just try to go with the flow.. Love the wrassling pictures.. Take care.. Hugs GJ xx

  20. You boys have great kung fu moves. We liked the pictures of you both playin. And the last one, cute! We're with Keiko, tho: boys, mol! :). Have a great week. Purrs from us-

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  21. I hope mommy gets feeling better soon. I am sure having all you kitties around helps!

    Sending warm hugs and thoughts,
    xo Catherine

  22. Sorry to hear that your mom is feeling low. Could be the big move is finally catching up on her. Take it easy. Having the kitties around helps. Purrs.....

  23. Those are some serious Kung Fu moves, boys! We hope you are all doing well, and that your mommy feels better soon. :)

  24. That looks like good kitty fun! I hope your mom feels better soon.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  25. What great action shots! They are having such fun!!!

  26. Always found these friendly 'wasslings' very amusing... :)

    -Reenie & Sherkhan

  27. What a good wrasslin' match! My Human sympathizes with yours--she's been so insanely busy at work she hardly has time to pay attention to ME! Bonks!


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