Friday, August 13, 2010

Caught red-handed!

Kenji-blog Hellooo it's me, Kenji! Today, I must tell you about my new brother Yuji. Everybody who meets him says he's so SWEET and ADORABLE. He can really play innocent and look cute with his baby face.

But I beg to differ! Just look at these pictures!

Yuji was 'paddling' away again in front of me…

P1220600n P1220601n P1220602n P1220615n

So I decided to say hello.


I'm just sniffing him.


But then Yuji wrapped around my neck…


Bunny kicked me…


And paw slapped me!


I'm getting out of here!


What a cheeky little thing! Having a brother is lots of fun, but Yuji doesn't know when to STOP! He is getting really big. Will he take over as the alpha mancat? Help!

Hope you have a great weekend! We are leaving for our cool plane trip on Monday!!!



Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thankful Thursday: Thanks Harry and LuLu!

Happy Thursday! We would like to show off today our cool Christmas in July pressies we received from Harry and LuLu!

Kenji: Mummy! Help me open this parcel please!


Kenji & Yuji: Ooo lots of packages inside!!


Kenji: It really smells good in here!!!!


Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla: Wow! Look! So many wonderful pressies!!!! There is a Kong Kickaroo, a Laser pen with American design, Nip pouches, Greenie treats and Memo pad, Magnets and Can holders for Mummy and Daddy!


Kenji: I want to open this now…


Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla: Yuji! Don't step on our pressies!


Keiko: Oooo well hello Harry!!! purrrrr You are so flat! purrrrr


We love all the pressies, especially the laser pen!

P1220019n P1220023n P1220027n  P1220047n P1220054n P1220303n P1220380n

We would like to thank Harry, LuLu and their Mummy Heather very much for these wonderful pressies! We have packed them up carefully to take with us to Malaysia!

Mummy says that they are going to bring a whole box of our beds and toys on the plane with them, so that we don't have to wait for weeks to get them when we move into our new house!!!

We are relieved!


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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday with Tortitude: I'm a yoga kitty

keiko-blog Hai! It's Keiko! Do you remember the time I showed you my brother Kenji's yoga poses? Well, since that time, I have been practising my yoga moves too.

What do you think?


That's a tough pose!


After my yoga session, I will relax on the kitchen bench. You might already know that I'm not allowed up here at all!

I am sneaky!


It's warm because the dishwasher is on underneath.

P1210908n P1210909n

Thank you so much for your comments! We are so happy that you remember us even though our Mummy hasn't helped us blog for AGES! We cannot wait to finish our move so that we can visit everykitty and blog more often!!



Monday, August 2, 2010

Mancat Monday: Mummy is still distracted

Kenji-blog yuji-blog Happy Monday and long time no see! It's Kenji and Yuji! We have missed everykitty so much recently because our Mummy has been extremely distracted. Our parents had to prepare for our first 'open house' last Saturday, so they had to clean the house like mad humans! So far, they haven't sold their house yet.

It is very nice to relax while Mummy and Daddy go around the house vacuuming, mopping, dusting, spraying, wiping, polishing, etc. etc. etc. AND the agent man told them they have to pretend that cats don't live here so they had to hide all our beds and toys and blankies and litter trays! That was a tough day.

Can you see that we are like TRUE brothers now? We like to wrestle a lot together. Mummy always supervises us when we do that, because she is worried that it could turn un-furriendly! We are just playing though! purrr

P1210911n P1210915n P1210918n P1210922n

Today, Mummy took us both to the v-e-t! Kenji for his annual vaccination and check-up, and Yuji for a booster from his previous shot from the shelter! We were so happy to see Dr Erina again, who looked after us last time Mummy and Daddy went away! purrr

There were lots of things to discuss with Dr Erina, because Mummy was worried about Yuji's teeth. He's only three but he has yucky teeth because he was a stray! So Dr Erina gave him some antibiotics and he will get different foods as well.

We also had bloodtests today to test for heartworm and FIV, so that we could start our heartworm medication for our impending move! We were both NEGATIVE for those! yay!!!

Mummy says she will have to take the girls to see Dr Erina soon to get their blood tests done. We don't have to get rabies vaccinations before we move, after all. So we are happy!!!

Hope our kitty furriends are happy and well!! Mummy says we are moving on August 17 so we think she will be very distracted until then… but we will be thinking of you all the time! Have a great Monday everycat!


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