Monday, September 27, 2010

Poo poo Mummy

keiko-blog It's Keiko! I have something to tell you.


She fell over at the beach and the camera was in her hand and went in the water.

Of course, the camera was not water proof. We are not happy!!!!

So I think I just have to show you an OLD photo.

This is "Mini-Me" Mummy saw in Chinatown a few weeks ago.

She's a cutie, just like me!


Hope you have a great Monday!



Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Life in a Malaysian village

keiko-blogHii! It's Keiko! We're hooome! The man from Scallywags (that's the name of our hotel), Kenny, dropped us off at our new home yesterday morning! We are in a low-rise apartment complex with lots of leafy paths, swimming pool and koi pond, located close to the city!

Initially, Mummy was a bit concerned about Pricilla because she got very stressed the night before and started to overlick her bottom again. During the car-ride here, she became sick and made a #2 mess (shhh I'm sure she won't want you to know that…). She was grumpy and miserable on arrival, and drooling everywhere! Oh no!

So Mummy quickly washed her bottom, wiped up her face clean and applied saline solution to her raw skin. Now she is calm and relaxed again! Mummy was so relieved to hear her special happy meows in the evening last night. Yay!


The rest of us, well, Yuji and I wasted no time in exploring every single corner of the house, measuring distances and finding our new favourite cupboards and corners.


Kenji is a scardy-cat so he hid under the sofa for at least 2 hours! He was actually the last one to explore the house and go upstairs! Since he came out of his hidey-hole, he's been following Mummy around absolutely EVERYWHERE! What a sooky la-la!


The highlights of the new house:

1. It has STAIRS! We've never stayed in a place with stairs before. Kenji is a natural! He trots up and down. The rest of us, we take it one step at a time.

(Look how Yuji has grown!)


2. It has lots of new hidey holes! The aparment is a higgledy-piggledy design so it has rooms in unexpected places and lots of hidden corners… this is going to be fun!


3. There are rails on the stairs and the upstairs that we can peek through! One day, I'm going to fly across the room!


4. Mummy and Daddy chose a new cool scratching post. It's an Ostrich! Daddy thinks it's an Emu, but it's not (and he's an Aussie!)…


5. We have air-con! You know what our Mummy and Daddy are like, they will leave that on for us if they think it'll be too hot for us when they go out! Purrrr


All we have to do now is to tell our Mummy and Daddy that we don't like Tuna flavour (what were they thinking getting a big bag of that stuff?) and wait for all our beds and toys to arrive from Australia! Thankfully, we also got some samplers of other food which we like better, which we're eating now. Mawhawhaw!


Have a great Tuesday everykitty!

Lots of purrrs,


Monday, September 20, 2010

Getting ready to go home!

keiko-blog Kenji-blog pri-blog yuji-blog Hi! Remember us? We are reporting for the first time from KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA! We have missed our kitty furriends sooo much, and almost forgotten how to blog! Oh no!

We have been living in the kampung house for a month now. We had no quarantine here so we went straight to our cool house with a nice lady called Liz, while Mummy and Daddy looked for a house fit for us to live in!

It's private quarters for us, and there is other accomodation in a different part of the house but this is the luxury 4-cat room!

P1230448n P1230451n P1230454n

Mummy and Daddy met us there the day we arrived in KL. We were a little bit confused what was happening, but we were completely relaxed after we saw them! Mummy seemed emotional, but she is a drama-queen so we were not worried.

Keiko: Oh, hi Mummy!


It's so warm here…

 P1230407n  P1230425n

Pricilla: It is really very warm, but very comfortable!!! purrr

P1230326n P1230360n

This is Yuji, and he's ballooned to almost as big as Pricilla! He is big fat boy now…


Kenji: Mummy, when can we go home with you?


Kenji & Yuji: It's a nice view from here!


Yuji: It's hot, I'm panting!




Liz is the owner of this wonderful place and she is British. She has many cats and dogs! She brushes us lots. We have been shedding so much, because we have just come straight from winter! Mummy and Daddy got very hairy every time they cuddled us. Mawhawhaw!

Tomorrow, we are finally going home to our Mummy and Daddy. We can't wait! purrrr

While we were gone, we received our badges for the Naughty Kitty Club! Thank you so much Judi for sending them to us!!! We love these badges because it features our cheeky expressions! purrrr

 NKC keiko_member NKC kenjii_badge

NKC pricilla_member NKC  yuji_member

We cannot wait to hear everykitty's news!

Lots of purrs,

keiko-signature kenji-signature pricilla-signature yuji-signature

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