Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thankful Thursday: Peace and Quiet

We are thankful for a bit of peace and quiet today! zzzzzzzzz




Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Kenji loves the kickeroo!

Kenji-blog Hello kitties! Kenji here. I have been so lonely since my sweet little brother left for the RB. It's been almost 2 weeks! Mummy cuddles me lots and lots and I just drape myself over her when she is sleeping. And I try to wrassle with Keiko but she doesn't like it very much. Cat Daddy says I need to play more with my toys because now I don't have Yuji to wrassle with.

Mummy rotates all my toys – and now the Kickeroo is out! It's such a purrfect toy. We LOVE it!




Here's a video of me playing!


Now I am so exhausted I have to go and have a nap on my Ham-mick!!! See you later!!!



Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

Snoopervising Mummy

keiko-blogKenji-blogpri-blog Hellooo furriends! Mummy got some new bookcases from IKEA and finally started unpacking her books! It has been over a month since our shipment arrived from Australia so you could say that our Mummy and Daddy are VERY SLOW at unpacking. Mawhawhaw!

Here we are, snoopervising. We LOVE boxes!








We had a great time darting in and out of the boxes and sitting on the bookcase shelves!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, everykitty!



Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thank you CB… Yuji is watching over us now

keiko-blogThank you very much everykitty and everyone from the Cat Blogosphere for your kind comments, hugs and purrs. Mummy has read each comment carefully and we are glad that Yuji made an impression on so many of you. We loved him dearly and we still can't believe that he is gone.

Thank you KC for a special Angel badge for Yuji…


Some of you may find this a little morbid (and we are sorry about that) but we received Yuji's urn today. We're glad Yuji is back with us… he is in a place above the dining room where he can watch over everything.


We'd like to share some photos of us as the Kitty Quartet… these are some of our treasured memories.







Mummy says that there is nothing in the world that our Mummy and Daddy wouldn't do for us and we are glad they care about us so much.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts…


Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Little Yuji Became an Angel

keiko-blog It's Keiko… We are sorry we haven't been blogging for a while because Mummy has had a hectic couple of months. And today we have some very bad news. Our sweet youngest brother Yuji ran off to the Rainbow Bridge last night. He was only 3 years old, and we only had him for less than one year. We are devastated. Mummy has been crying all day.

It happened so suddenly… Mummy thought Yuji had a little cold in the last couple of days but she didn't think it was serious as Miss Pricilla was also sneezing (she's fine now). In the morning, Mummy noticed that Yuji was vomiting a little, but not alarming. So she left for the day around 1pm thinking that he would be fine in a few days.

Mummy and Daddy were both out and Mummy came home first at 12 midnight. She didn't notice anything wrong until she went upstairs and then saw Yuji's little face in the walk-in-robe doorway. She said, "Yuji! Yuji!" and clapped her hands but he did not move. Then she saw that his eyes were open. When Mummy opened the walk-in-robe door fully, she saw that he had vomited a small amount, his back legs were splayed behind him and he was stiff. We think that Yuji may have had a heart attack while trying to vomit. We really hope that he didn't suffer terrible pain.

Mummy is so devastated that she was not at home to hold him when he died and that he had to die in such a way. She feels that Yuji could have been saved if she was there as it happened.

We loved our Yuji very much. He was a stray kitty but adapted to indoor life so well and loved to play with his brother Kenji. We are all so sad. But we will always be the Kitty Quartet.

Mummy was so worried that we would never bring Yuji back with us when we return to Australia, so Mummy and Daddy found a pet memorial company who will cremate him and bring his urn back. That brings Mummy some comfort. We will set up a shrine for him and talk to him every day.

Angel Yuji wants to say a few words to sign off. Please purr and purray for him tonight…

Sombre purrs,



yuji-blog Hi everykitty! It's Yuji! I became an Angel last night. I have seen and met all our bloggie friends who have gone before to the Rainbow Bridge. I was part of the Kitty Quartet for only a short time (my gotcha day is in June!) but I loved learning to blog, being part of the Cow Kitty Club, wrassling with Kenji and playing with my sisters. Most of all, I loved being with my Mummy and Daddy who were always so kind to me. Here is the last photo Mummy took of me, with Kenji – we are hanging like real brothers. We were cool buddies. I hope that you'll think of me sometimes! I know Mummy and Daddy are so sad about me now but I will always visit them in their dreams. And don't be worried about the Bridge. It's a really nice place! purrrrrrrs



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