Friday, March 4, 2011

Our Little Yuji Became an Angel

keiko-blog It's Keiko… We are sorry we haven't been blogging for a while because Mummy has had a hectic couple of months. And today we have some very bad news. Our sweet youngest brother Yuji ran off to the Rainbow Bridge last night. He was only 3 years old, and we only had him for less than one year. We are devastated. Mummy has been crying all day.

It happened so suddenly… Mummy thought Yuji had a little cold in the last couple of days but she didn't think it was serious as Miss Pricilla was also sneezing (she's fine now). In the morning, Mummy noticed that Yuji was vomiting a little, but not alarming. So she left for the day around 1pm thinking that he would be fine in a few days.

Mummy and Daddy were both out and Mummy came home first at 12 midnight. She didn't notice anything wrong until she went upstairs and then saw Yuji's little face in the walk-in-robe doorway. She said, "Yuji! Yuji!" and clapped her hands but he did not move. Then she saw that his eyes were open. When Mummy opened the walk-in-robe door fully, she saw that he had vomited a small amount, his back legs were splayed behind him and he was stiff. We think that Yuji may have had a heart attack while trying to vomit. We really hope that he didn't suffer terrible pain.

Mummy is so devastated that she was not at home to hold him when he died and that he had to die in such a way. She feels that Yuji could have been saved if she was there as it happened.

We loved our Yuji very much. He was a stray kitty but adapted to indoor life so well and loved to play with his brother Kenji. We are all so sad. But we will always be the Kitty Quartet.

Mummy was so worried that we would never bring Yuji back with us when we return to Australia, so Mummy and Daddy found a pet memorial company who will cremate him and bring his urn back. That brings Mummy some comfort. We will set up a shrine for him and talk to him every day.

Angel Yuji wants to say a few words to sign off. Please purr and purray for him tonight…

Sombre purrs,



yuji-blog Hi everykitty! It's Yuji! I became an Angel last night. I have seen and met all our bloggie friends who have gone before to the Rainbow Bridge. I was part of the Kitty Quartet for only a short time (my gotcha day is in June!) but I loved learning to blog, being part of the Cow Kitty Club, wrassling with Kenji and playing with my sisters. Most of all, I loved being with my Mummy and Daddy who were always so kind to me. Here is the last photo Mummy took of me, with Kenji – we are hanging like real brothers. We were cool buddies. I hope that you'll think of me sometimes! I know Mummy and Daddy are so sad about me now but I will always visit them in their dreams. And don't be worried about the Bridge. It's a really nice place! purrrrrrrs




  1. Yuji, Harley and I loved you so much, we are very sad that you had to go to the Bridge. We are going to miss you very much, but we are glad we got to know you and that you had such a wonderful Forever home. When it is our turn to go to the Bridge, we will meet again. Rest in peace, sweet boy.

  2. We are so sorry and sad to read this about your sweet brother. Something similar happened to our Sylvester in 07. He was fine when mom and dad left for work and when they came home for lunch at 11am, Sylvester was laying at the bottom of the steps much like Yuji. He was only 6 years old. They suspect it was a heart attack as well.
    Our thoughts and purrayers are with you all during this very sad time.
    The Creek Cats and Maggie May

  3. OMC, we're so, so sorry. You might not know that our
    Annie was helped to the Bridge 15 days ago, so our mom understands your mum's grief. Please, please know our thoughts and purrayers are with you, that we're sending universal healing energy. We hope Yuji and Annie (and our angel Chumley) have met up at the Bridge and are happily chasing dragon flies and butterflies.

    (((Hugs))) and *kitty kisses*, wish you all universal Blessings and Peace.

    -Nicki and Derry and Mom Kim

  4. We just saw this in our dashboard and we are so sorry to hear about Yuji! He was such a sweet boy. We feel certain that he is OK now, but we know you all will miss him very much.

    We're sending you and your humans lots of purrs and many hugs.

    Franklin, Dobby, Tasha, and mom Katie

  5. we are so sad to read this. Our eyes are very leaky. Please accept our deepest condolences. Purrs, prayers, and hugs of comfort from all of us.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  6. We are so sorry, we prays & purrs for you all.

    joanne, jane, jill, johnny, jay boy, jasmine & capu from singapore

  7. We are so very sorry to hear that! Our purrs to you all.

  8. Woof! Woof! Very sad to read this post. Sending you lots of Golden Thoughts n LOVE. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  9. I am so very sorry to hear that sad news. My sisters and I send you hugs and purrs.

  10. Oh my gosh we are so so so sorry that Yuji had to run off to the Rainbow Bridge. Our mom is crying so much because she knows how sad you all must be. We are sending over so many comforting purrs and prayers for all of you.

  11. Oh sweet little one I was so sad to hear this news ans send healing purrs to your mum as I know she will be hurting so badly. Run free at the bridge sweet one.. Hugs GJ x

  12. Love, light, hugs, and purrs to you and your furr-family. I'm very sorry for your loss.

  13. Oh no! We are sending all of you our best soft purrs. We were just thinking of you all the other day and wondering how you were.
    Sweet Yuji, we loved knowing you, and we were proud to be your friends. Godspeed, sweet boy.

  14. Oh sweet ones, my mommy has leaky eyes over this sad sad passing of Yuji. Thank you Yuji for telling us what you did. I will see you one day there and give you sweet nose kisses.

    Me and mommy send you and your mommy lots of love and hugs and we are so sorry. ♥

  15. Yuji, you have no idea how sad your crossing makes us. You see, you also were a Yuu-Chan, and we know how wonderful Yuu-Chans are. We also lost our beloved Yuu-Chan, suddenly, last September. He was also young and so sweet. We still miss him every single day and we can imagine how sad your Mummy and Daddy are feeling, and your brother Kenji and sisters Keiko and Priscilla. We hope that our Yuu-Chan was there to greet you at the Bridge, and our Sen-Chan too.

    We are glad you will be able to go back to Australia with your family.

    We send big purrs, gentle woofs and hugs to all of you.

    Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Tommy and #1

  16. Ohh We is so sorry to hear dis sad news, please know we is all finking ovs yu all and will keep yu in our forts and prayers.
    Wiv Luv
    Richie, Ronnii n Da Momster wivs da leaky eyes
    x x x x
    Run Free Yuji Kitteh

  17. Such sad news today, we know your hearts are hurting. Teri said it is comforting to her to have the cats-who-came-before still here with her because of having their ashes, and we even sit on their little boxes sometimes because they are in everyone's favorite sunny windowsill, just where they would be if they were still alive.

    Sending healing purrs your way.

  18. Oh my,we are so sorry to hear this sad news. We are sending tons of purrs and prayers to you. Lots of huge hugs too. Take care.

  19. I'm so sorry to hear about Yuji. He had a wonderful life with you so he knew he was loved right up to the end.

  20. We are deeply sorry for the sudden loss of your beautiful, sweet Yuji. Please accept our heartfelt condolences. They always leave too soon. We are glad you will be able to bring Yuji back to Australia with you. We are sending you lots of healing and comfort during your sad time.

    Yuji, you pawed such beautiful words and we know it brought your mom and dad comfort. That is a very sweet photo of you and Kenji. Peace.

    Suka and K

  21. We understand. We almost lost Nimbus ourselves, but with a LOT of purrs and an awesome vet, he made it through, but with probably only minutes to spare! Bless your hearts and Yuji will always be in our hearts.

  22. Oh no! What sad, sad news. We are so sorry that Yuji had to leave you. Please tell your mummy that he had the best possible life and that he really didn't go alone--he was in his loving home.

    Angel Yuji, we will miss you a whole lot but we know you're having a good time over the bridge. Please keep an eye on your family.

  23. oh yuji... i've so enjoyed following the adventures you had with your siblings. rest in peace dear sweet angel. if you meet any of my angel furkids over there across the rainbow bridge i hope you rub noses and become good friends.

    so sorry about your loss keiko and all..

  24. I am so very sorry to hear about Yuji, it's especially sad because he was so young and gave no clue as to how sick he was. I am sending you soulful purrs of sympathy and healing.

  25. We are so sorry to hear about Yuji.
    He will be greatly missed and we will hold you in our prayers.


  26. Yuji dear,
    May you have a happy life over the bridge. Say hello to our Ralf if you meet him, OK? We still miss him after all these years.... Hugs and purrrs to your mum. purrrr....meow!

  27. We heard about Yugi from William's blog. We are so sorry he left so soon Our brother Moxie went to the Bridge very suddenly too and he was 3 years. We know that you are all hurting and are sending comforting purrs.
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  28. Farewell Yuji. Hugs and purrs to your mum.

  29. Oh we are so sad to hear about Yuji going to the bridge. We send you all comforting purrs and headbutts to help you during this sad time...

  30. We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Please don't feel guilty Mom, you gave Yuji a wonderful home and lots of love. You couldn't have known there was anything to be worried about. Yuji would never blame you and you mustn't either. Hugs to you and purrs to all of you.

  31. Oh no, not Yuji! We are so very sad that our friend had to run off to the Bridge so soon. Thank you for loving him so much and so well. Please know that we are purring and praying for you all, and that we love you.

    Angel Yuji, we will see you when we get to the Bridge, okay?

    ((hugs and purrs))

  32. We are purraying for all of you. We were very sad to hear this news. Your Yuji will be watching over you.

  33. My thoughts are with you. Run free dear Yuji.

  34. We just heard about Yuji's crossing over the Rainbow Bridge at the CB. Sending our most comforting purrs to you on such a sudden and tragic loss to your family.

  35. Till we meet again Yuji!! Purrrrrs and hugs to your Mom, Dad and Brother & sisters!!
    Your TX furiends,

  36. We are so sorry it was Yuji's time to leave. We send a hug for your mom with purrs and tail wags from us.

  37. What a shock this is, we're so sad for you all.

    I know that Inigo will have welcomed Yuji, and they're playing in the long grass in the sunbeams together.

    I wish there was something we could say that would help - but you're all in our thoughts.

  38. We are so very sorry to hear this. We send you our very best thoughts, purrs and prayers. Be Well Sweet Yuji.

  39. We are so very sorry to hear that Yuji has left you. We send gentle purrs and headbumps to your family.

    Run free at the Bridge, little Yuji ...

    'Kaika and the Yosemite cats

  40. Me and my mom terrible sorry about Yuji. My mom are soaking with tear. We know Yuji since we start blogging. and you do a lots for all of us, Aussie Cats !

    We are shocked by this news ! I'm sending a ton of purrs and prayers to you and your family.

    Hugs, Kisses, Purrs
    Puddy and Mom Boom

  41. We are so very sad and shocked to hear this news about Yuji. We can't begin to imagine how awful you must all be feeling. Please accept our comforting purrs and love.

    Mom said that the cremation and urn idea is good. When mom's beloved siamese Henry died (1985 ~ 2004) mom did the same thing. She couldn't comprehend leaving Henry behind if she ever moved ~ and it was the right thing to do as eventually she did move. Henry's urn sits in the study even now and mom says it brings her great comfort.

    Yuji was and still is very lved ~ and you gave him a wonderful life. Hang on to those lovely memories ~ for Yuji will always remain close in your heart.

    Love Milo & Alfie (and our mom) xxx

  42. We are very sad to read of Yuji's passing. He was such a lovely boy and we know he had a super time whilst he was with you all. A cat couldn't have wished of a better home. May your memories of him soon make you smile again. Fly free sweet Yuji

    Rumbly purrs and love

    Whicky Wuudler
    & The Ape

  43. We are so sad to hear this news - we loved Yuji - he was such a happy boy and we loved how all of your cats got on well together. We are pleased you will take him back to Australia with you - our mum has had all the ashes of her before cats returned to her too.
    We know you will always love him and remember the happy times you all had together.
    Luv Hannah, Lucy and mum Sue xxxxxx

  44. We are so very sorry to hear of Yuji's passing. We send lots and lots of love to you all. We know that the fosters we have lots will welcome him the the Bridge with open paws.

  45. We are very sorry precious Yuji had to leave so soon and send our deepest condolances to the whole family...We fell in love with handsome, adorable Yuji as soon as we met him=he was such a special, fun sweetheart full of joy and love; we loved how he adapted immediately to your wonderful home and his loving new family, especially his big brother...We know how much you love and miss him; this post made Mommy cry and she wanted to tell you that love is an energy that never dies and in that way, Yuji will always be with you, his love will live forever in your hearts...Wishing you all comfort during this difficult time; we're sending big hugs and love to you all, our sweet friends=we will never forget your precious, lovely boy...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  46. PS...I had my Nikki cremated and will cremate all my babies eventually; I have instructions with my family to mix my babies ashes with mine when the time comes and knowing that we will always be together somehow brings me comfort...Of course, our souls have been "one" since the day I met them all and fell in love, so it just seems right for our remains to always be together too...I adore you and your family, Keiko; take care, my friend...J

  47. We are very sad for your family. Comforting purrs.

  48. We are so very sorry for the loss of sweet Yuji :(

  49. Me and my cat Charlie heard from the CB that little Yuji has become an angel. We are so sorry. :-(
    From reading your posts, we know that the last months of Yuji's life was very happy and full of love and joy. Take care

  50. We has wet furs now, the mom is huggin us hard. Dis happens when the beans gets leaky eyes - we is sure Yuji is hasin fun at The Bridge. Many purrs and headbutts to mummy and daddy.


  51. Oh no! How unexpected! Our thoughts are with you in this time of loss. Please take comfort in the fact that you gave this little guy a wonderful life over the past year. He knew what it was to be part of a loving family. You gave him a great gift.

    He is gone all too soon. I'm sure he is well and doing fine on the Rainbow Bridge, but that cannot stop you from missing him terribly.

    We hope time will heal your sorrow. Yuji will be remembered always thanks to you.

  52. We are very sorry to hear that Yuji went to the Rainbow Bridge.

    Sending purrs to comfort you during this sad time,

    Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal

  53. We are so very sorry to read that Yuji crossed the bridge. but we are glad that he had a great home and lots of love before he crossed. Hugs and purrs to you all!

  54. We are so sad you lost Yoji but sometimes these things happen. Tell your mom not to feel bad. Yuji was loved for the time he was with you and he knew it. Sending lots of purrs.

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  55. We are so sorry that Yuji ran off to The Bridge. This is so very sad, and we are sending you tons of purrs and purrayers to help you through this sad time. We are feeling very sad ourselves right now. Tell your Mom that it was Yuji's time to go.

    Luf, Us and Maw

  56. I'm very sorry you went to the bridge, and your mum is going to miss you sooo much.

    We'll send soft and supportive purrs to your mum so you don't have to worry about her.

    You have a great time at the bridge, you'll be missed!

  57. We are so sorry to hear that sweet Yuji ran off to the bridge! It is very shocking news. My boys are sending comforting purrs to you at this very sad time.

  58. We are so sorry to hear about sweet Yuji! We are sad and shocked and we're sending big purrs to you all. We know you miss him very much.

  59. May the memories of love outweigh the grief of loss.

    purrs & prayers
    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde & their Feeders

  60. Sweet Yuji, we are so sorry to hear that you have gone to the Bridge. We know the heartache your Mom and Dad feel right now and we're sending healing purrs and prayers to them.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  61. Yuji,we are so sorry you had to go to the Bridge so soon.We know your family will miss you terribly.We are glad that you knew the love of your kind family during your short stay here on earth.
    We send some sweet purrrrs to your family.
    the critters in The Cottage

  62. Oh Yuji, we are selfish, but we are sad that you are an Angel. We know you are happy and healthy at the Bridge, but we know how much your family loves and misses you. They didn't get enough time with you, sweet boy. To Keiko and the rest of the family, we sent you gentle purrs and hugs during this hard time. It's so hard to say goodbye to our friends.

    Love, Fuzzy, Zoe, and mom jana

  63. We are so sorry that your sweet Yuji had to go to the bridge so early, and are sorry for your loss. We are glad though that he got to spend the last year of his short life in such a loving home, with your wonderful family, what a lucky fellow.

    Hugs to you all.

    Poppy and Julie Q

  64. Mum and I are so sorry to see that Yuji had to run off to the Bridge. Our hearts go out to you kitties and to your Mummy and Dad at this terrible time. I'm sending my best purrs to all of you,


    Tasha and Karen (Mum)


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