Friday, June 3, 2011

Bits and bobs from my photo collection

Kenji-blogHi!! It's me, Kenji! I've been asking Ryu-kun all week if I can blog. Cos he just loves it so much, and plus Mummy takes so many pictures of him just because he's the new one!! bleh!

I only just got bits and bobs for my post today. Scandal!

Mummy says my paws look like a back-scratcher you can buy in Japan. Those back-scratchers are shaped like a little hand! Mummy loves my paw-massage when I walk all over her back when she's sleeping. She says I have just the right pressure for a relaxing massage!


Are you listening? I'm talking to you, Mummy.


Keiko and I are kind of friends now. She still pawslaps me sometimes. But we've been together for almost 2 years!


This is my new sleepy spot. I found a beach towel on the floor and it's very thick and comfy!


Hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!





  1. Miaow , Miaow !
    My mom also like´s when I walk over her , but not sooo much when I´m jumping ;-)

  2. Hi Kenji, it's great to see you. And it's terrific you and Keiko get along most of the time. Our "angel" Annie never got along with us, even after almost 4 years! LOL. So you're doing well!

  3. Kenji, those are great pictures of you. Glad you are getting along with Keiko. Sure hope you have a super Thurs.

  4. Kenji we are pleased to hear you are getting on better with Keiko.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. he he- I knew you would eventually get to be good friends with Keiko. It will get even better. Soon you'll be in a cuddlepile together.

  6. Great pictures Kenji you are so beautiful!!!

  7. Hi Kenji! Harley and I still slap each other, too. You have cool back-scratcher paws.

  8. Kenji, You have a lovely mom, my mom always complain I'm too heavy to do paw-massage for her.

  9. You are looking great! Have a good Thursday to you too!

  10. hello there friends!!!!

    BoBo Salem & ChaCha

  11. hi Kenji! We're glad you got the blog back from Ryker, though it has been fun getting to know him :)

    Oh, our mom wishes we'd walk on her back and give her massages, mol! We're not the nice. Hee hee! Your beach towel bed looks very comfy. Enjoy!

    Pip, SMidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  12. Hi Kenji! I'm glad you got a chance to post. It's fun seeing you!

  13. Hi Kenji! It was nice to hear from you!!

  14. We wondered what had happened to you. Hope you're enjoying malaysia.


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