Saturday, July 30, 2011

We don't like it when Mummy goes away

ryu-iconHai! It's me, Ryker Ryuichi! Nobody ever told me what the big bag with all Mummy's clothes were before, but now I know!


Mummy puts all her things inside there and she doesn't come home for many days!

I missed her so much!

When she came home, she became very sick. My furblings told me she is not so strong. So we have to snuggle with her and help her by giving her our energy!

So I went and snuggled as much as I could. purrrr Mummy is now well enough to get out of bed and eat!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend, everykitty!



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sleeping in my bed zzz

Kenji-blogHi! Long time no see! Our Mummy was so busy recently that she had no time to help us blog!

She finally has a spare moment so here are some pictures of me, snoozing in the bed Mummy made (as we showed you last year!)

I don't use this bed that much, actually, but today it looked so inviting so I decided to snooze there!






Homemade beds are the BESTEST!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead (Mummy is away again ALL next week…)



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