Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Welcome to our foster bro Schurdo!

Kenji-blogHi!!! Yesterday we hinted about our big news, and I'm so excited to introduce you to our foster brother!

Meet Schurdo!

This picture was taken when Mummy was cat-sitting for her friend Yuko. He's so handsome!



Schurdo's Mummy and Daddy are moving to Norway and he has come to stay with us until he can pass all his tests and go over!

This is him surveying the food situation:




Looking around the house:


We already like him cos he brought all these cool things, like his kitty condo!



Please tell Ryker to behave. He's growling and hissing and raising up his hackles, and generally carrying on like a drama king. He's not being very nice to Schurdo.

Mummy and Daddy have praised the rest of us, Keiko, Pricilla and me for welcoming Schurdo so fast! As soon as he came in in his PTU, we knew what was going on. We never hissed or growled or anything!

Schurdo, we hope you like staying with us!





  1. Schurdo is very handsome! It's so nice of all of you to welcome him. And young Ryker? You be nice to your guest, okay?

  2. Hi Schurdo! You ARE very handsome! How long do you have to stay with your foster family?

    We're glad MOST of the family has welcomed you. LOL.

  3. WOW, Schurdo is very handsome! It's okay Ryker, he is probably a wee bit nervous too!

  4. Wow-what a handsome boy. We are glad you are such good friends to take care of him until he can join his mom and dad.

  5. How sweet of you kittehz to foster him! He's a handsum kitteh! Hope all goes well fur Schurdo and he rejoins his family soon. Purrs.

  6. What a handsome cat !
    Have a wonderful day

  7. This is Ryker's first time at welcoming a newbie, right? The rest of you are old hands at this...he'll come around.

  8. Schurdo is a berry handsome cat and I hope he will enjoy his stay with you :)

  9. Now Ryker buddy! Whats with all thie hissing and growling. Please be nice to him while he stays with you. You might be surprised as to how much fun the two of yhou could have together. Besides, this is only temporary - it's not forever. He is a bootiful boy for sure.

  10. Schurdo is very handsome! How nice of you all to welcome into your home until he can join his mom and dad...well, 'cept for Ryker, but we think he will come around.


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