Monday, January 9, 2012

Schurdo's Yummy Faces

Hi! It's Schurdo here. I'm the Guest Cat staying with the KQ until my real Daddy and Mummy can take me to snowy Norway. For that, I had to wait a long time before I could take the necessary blood tests to go over! My not-real-Mummy-of-KQ says that the doctors who we went to were useless and probably got my tests wrong because I failed. Because her kitty friends told her that we have to be careful in Malaysia with overpriced incompetent doctors! It's very bad. But I keep my paw-fingers crossed that if I need to go to another doctor, they will not stuff it up.

Anyway, I've had a great time waiting for my big move with these fun kitties at KQ. I thought that I was a human until I came to live with KQ and they said that I am a cat! I really like to eat AvoFarm wet food and my not-real-Mummy has a lot of them! *mainly for the kittens*

But my not-real-Mummy can't resist my handsome face and lets me lick the spoon after she's fed the kittens!

I'm usually very polite, too. I just get this little treat and my special 'dessert' at the end of the day, because that was my routine with my real Mummy and Daddy. I hope I can still remember their faces when they come to get me.

Anyway, it was nice to post here again, I hope I get to do it again!



  1. Oh Schurdo, what a very handsome boy you are!

  2. Awww, it's so good to see you pal. I do hope you can be reunited with your first mommy and daddy real soon.

  3. Schurdo, what a handsome fellow you are. We hope you get your blood tests and paperwork sorted out soon!

  4. We agree with Daisy. Handsome, handsome, HANDSOME!!!!!!!

    The Chan Girls

  5. Schurdo, Mommy wants to kiss you on your handsome black lips!

    Sorry, she's a nutcase.

  6. Schurdo,
    Tell Aunty Angelina who is that incompetent overpriced doctor? So we can go whack him. When my Mama first moved to Sydney she wanted to take Tom, Nicole, Mike and Nikki. But decided against it as the Aussie customs are too fussy. But the Malaysian side was breezy and Mama did all through the government department of veterinary services. Doesn't cost much at all. Ask your not-real mummy if she wants to explore that. purrr....meow!

  7. You are very handsome. I hope you get through all your tests and that you get to your real Mama in Norway.

  8. My mommy want´s to kiss your sweet face too !
    Hope you wount need to go back to the Vet again !!

  9. You are quite lucky to be staying with the KQ, Schurdo!

  10. We hope you can go to your forever home really soon!

  11. What a handsome boy. Hoping you can go to your forever home really soon. xx


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