Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Time to meet our Miracle Myvi

Hi! It's me, Keiko. Since I am the Lead Blogger here at KQ, I would like to introduce the newest members of our group.

I think you might be wondering who those tiny little furballs were in the all-8 picture I showed you a few days ago.

So today, I will introduce you to the small tabby: Myvi Mami, our new official KQ girl!
These are some of the photos from her first day she came to live with us last year, pictured here with my proud Mummy.

This is her story... you'll see why we call her our 'miracle' girl! (Some of you may already know this story from my Facebook...)

On the fateful day of the 18th of September, Mummy had a concert in a town 1 hour away from home.

This is what Mummy wrote in her diary...
After the long day performing in Seremban, we wanted to go to our favourite Japanese restaurant for dinner. When we got there, the restaurant was closed.... 
So we decided to go elsewhere. When we started driving, we could hear a loud meowing coming from inside our car! So we stopped in the carpark, jacked up the car, had a look underneath, opened the bonnet, still couldn't see... 
Until we saw a tiny little kitten, wedged behind a part inside the engine! She was screaming. She looks exactly like Ryker.
So I fished her out, and we tried to find her mummy cat for about 30 mins. The cleaner who worked in the carpark said that no cats lived there, and he certainly hadn't seen this little one before. All I could see was that she needed our help. We needed to do something. So, after talking to Olivia (from Pet Epicure) about what to do, we brought her home. She is really very tiny. Thankfully, she ate normally and she is so low-maintenance.
We call her Myvi, after the car she was found in.

In the picture, she is about 8-10 weeks old. So today, she is ... 5 months old!
She is the best little sister anycat could hope for, the sweetest little girl.

This is us snuggling together

Now I have to teach her how to blog! She also loves to play the piano, but I'll tell you about that another time.



  1. Hello lil Myvi!!!
    Very pleased to meet ya!

  2. Hello Myvi ~ we are thrilled to meet you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Hi there Myvi. You sure are cute. You look a lot like our Mahoney. Tabbys are really nice cats. We are so glad that Mom went to all that trouble to find you. I bet you were glad too. Take care and have a great day.

  4. awwwww - great save and such a cutie!!!

  5. Such a beautiful sweetie and I am so thankful all worked out purrfectly!

  6. How lucky that she found your mommy's car and not somebody else's! Miracle is right, and what a little doll!

  7. Welcome Myvi! You picked the right car to get stuck in!

  8. What a precious girl! Looks like you're fitting right in. xoxo

  9. Hey, Myvi. You are a cutie, and you seem to be fitting right in to your new, furrrever home.

    Love how often kitties seem to find the bean they need to find.

  10. What a lucky little girl she is that you found her!

    Your pal, Pip

  11. What a lucky, precious little girl you are sweetie!


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