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Dilute tortoiseshell (blue-cream)

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Keiko - Daddy's little girl

Nicknames: Kei-chan, Mini-K, Special K, Princess, Turkey

Breed: DSH tortoiseshell & white (calico)

Gender: Female

Age: 3 (born 2007)

Gotcha (birth)day: January 2, 2009

Best feature: I'm a calico, duh!

My favourite spot: My beautiful basket where mummy lays fresh towels for me

Activities: Lying in basket, jumping on top of pantry, flying across exhaust fan (sometimes unsuccessfully), trilling and singing through the night, showers, hitting Kenji, lying in fresh laundry, finding new hidey holes

Likes: Pikelets, but I don't get them all the time... once in a while I win over my mummy with my cute face and she will give me a little pikelet crumb. I also like to climb on the kitchen bench to lick the milk jug after my parents have made a latte. I'm not allowed to do this so I wait till they're not looking! I still get sprayed all the time... I also love tummy rubs and looove my new basket.

Dislikes: The violin, having my claws cut and Kenji pestering me

Keiko holds the title of First Cat. She is the calico/tortie who knows how to get what she wants. She is the sole climber of the troupe. Keiko was adopted from RSPCA the day after Mummy's birthday, 2 Jan 2009. Cat Daddy had been secretly browsing the RSPCA website and when they headed out for afternoon coffee, he announced to Mummy that there is a kitty with a Japanese name 'Keiko,' that they must meet. So they went into the Adelaide City RSPCA to meet dear little Keiko. The kitties here stay in large rooms where there are medium cages along the wall and a roomier space in which each kitty is able to hang out on a rotation basis. When our parents walked into this room, Keiko was enjoying her freedom out of the cage. She was laying on top of the cat tower, up-side-down. When they walked in, she looked towards the door with a inquisitive 'purrrrr???' and looked the humans over. "Are you here to look at me...?" Mummy had no idea who she was supposed to be looking at, not knowing what 'Keiko' looked like. Cat Daddy recognised her instantly and went over to the cat tower to meet her. Keiko realised that these humans were there to meet her, and only her. So she sat up straight and put on a pretty pose! She was purring and purring and glad that Cat Daddy seemed to know what he was doing. Mummy, she wasn't too sure about. So she sniffed her handbag instead. She liked the smells! Keiko stayed at RSPCA for 4 months before she met her forever parents. Mummy and Daddy were advised to keep Keiko indoors for a few months as she had been exposed to feline flu during her stay there. That was always their intention, to keep her indoors, so off they went and signed the papers. At this stage, they needed advise on how to prepare their home for a new kitty. So then they put 'hold' on Keiko and then went out and purchased all the kitty items we would need. They didn't yet have a cat cage, but RSPCA had a cardboard box. On the way home, Mummy and Daddy already found out Keiko's love of cardboard boxes. She clawed her way through the airholes and eventually emerged from the box and into the car! Keiko is a curious tortie, she will demand to know what's going on all the time. Mummy and Daddy believe that she was always an indoors cat, as they soon found out that she has absolutely no stalking skills or speed when playing with toys. Her most unique feature is her meow. She is very musical and sings all through the night!

Kenji - Mummy's sooky boy

Nicknames: Stonekenge, 'Kenge, Duck, 'Njinji

Breed: DSH white with black markings

Gender: Male

Age: 4 (born 2006)

Gotcha (birth)day: June 14, 2009

Best feature: My white tummy.

My favourite spot: The back of the couch or in my mummy’s lap

Activities: Hugging mummy, playing with Keiko's tail, padding the blanket, jumping on Keiko from the top of the scratching tower, chasing laser light, stretching to become possibly the longest cat ever

Likes: Hugging mummy. I wish I never had to let go! I sometimes nibble on her nose when she's asleep. Secretly I'm trying to steal her from daddy... I also loove the many fleecy blankets mummy leaves out for me!

Dislikes: Tummy rubs, showers

Pricilla - Her Majesty, Queen of our household

Nicknames: Miss Prilla, Prissy-la, Pringle, Puri-chama, Princess, Sphinx

Breed: DLH Blue/cream dilute Tortoiseshell

Gender: Female

Age: 12

Birthday: October 14, 1997

Gotcha day: November 17, 2009

Best feature: My floofy pants.

My favourite spot: On the bed or in a sunny spot under the window

Activities: Sleeping on my parents' bed, playing with the fluffy cat tickler, talking, sleeping on the spare bed, hitting Kenji when he follows me around too much!

Likes: Crawling onto my parents at night (I sleep with my head on the pillow), listening to my mum play the piano, my new fleecy bed, all the cat toys my parents got for Keiko (but she doesn't like them)

Dislikes: Being brushed, getting my paw hair trimmed and my claws cut

Yuji - Our newest brother, Kenji's best friend

Breed: DSH white with black markings


Age:3 (born 2007)

Gotcha (birth)day: 20 June, 2010

Best feature: Beauty spot on my nose
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